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English Well Spoken



Spring Courses

Summer Courses

The English Well Spoken school has decided to run courses in Florence in the Learn English Book Shop with Tea Room.

You will have visited book shops with tea rooms before but in Via Carlo Poma, 7-9r you will not only find an English Bookshop with an English Tea Room but an English School as well.

The School English Well Spoken in itself is different from the norm in that our students rapidly improve their conversational skills as they are actively encouraged to participate verbally during all lessons.

Attending a school in a bookshop is a novelty that can not only enhance your language experience but allow for participation in many other activities; both educational and fun.

However if you wish, you can just visit us for a nice cup of tea and a sit down in pleasant surroundings.


An English Cultural Centre to encourage conversation and social activities

English Well Spoken & Learn English Book Shop with Tea Room

Our Book Clubs


Teenagers aged 14 - 18

Tweenies aged 11 - 14

Kids aged  7 - 10

Kiddies 3 - 6 - Play and Learn

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Our book clubs will encourage you to read in English and give you an opportunity to converse in English about something that you are interested in.  We will be running several book clubs to suit people of different ages and language competency:

We get you to watch a trailor of a film in English and then you talk about it with one of our mother tongue teachers for an hour at a cost of €20 (minimum of 2 participants req)

We would like to give budding actors and people interested in the theatre the opportunity to put on an amateur production.

To give you the opportunity to practise your knowledge of  other languages

You make the suggestion and we will try to organise these sessions.

Conversation Clubs

Film Conversation

Conversation Exchange

Theatre Group

Foreign Languages

Poetry, Discussions etc

These clubs are an excellent way to not only improve on your ability to read in English but to also make it fun as you have a chance to talk to others  who have read the same book and in English so you improve on your conversational  English as well.

Book Clubs

English Conversation Clubs

You have cream tea and converse with one of our teachers for an hour on a discussion of your choice. Our very patient teachers will help and guide you throughout the conversation. Cost €15 min 2 people

Conversation Hour